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A type of printing technique in which a screen of silk (Tetron, nylon) placed on a metal or wooden frame is used as a template and ink is extruded from the back side to print on paper or other material. Silk screen printing plates use various methods to seal the screen mesh (pores) in various ways so that ink does not pass through the area other than the pattern, and the expression differs depending on the method.

Here Studio is capable of making photo techniques that allow for more precise patterns and sharp expressions of characters.

Among them, direct method-directly apply a light-sensitive emulsion on a screen, expose a positive film (tracing paper printed on monochrome or transparent film) in contact, expose it, bake it, and develop it in water to make a plate. I mainly produce works at this method.

For art works 

It is a silk screen work produced in this studio.

We, mochi mochi of sister unit, art work.

We make texture with special film, print the pattern based on it on positive film, and make it by direct photolithographic method.

mocchi mocchi's work is silk screen printing made entirely by the equipment, tools and methods of this studio.


In addition, in silk screen printing, gold powder can be mixed with ink, sprinkled, and special ink can be used to create gloss and various expressions.

Because the size is also the largest size 1300 x 1000 mm that can be used on a printing press, large pieces can be created.

​For fabric,wood,etc,,,

Silk screens can be printed not only on paper but also on cloth, wood, plastic, etc. The image is a printed handkerchief. Of course, this can be done in the studio.

It is possible to print on various things. The ink used differs depending on the application. Please consult in advance.

You can also combine silkscreen printing with digital output or hand-drawing works.




Generic term for print using copper plate as printing material.

Basically, it is an intaglio print, ink is put on the engraved or corroded area, and it is printed with a press.

Studio has Eching Press (530 x 1010 mm), Aquatint Box and Plate Warmer equipment.

If you want to use these equipment, of course, we will respond to requests such as using only the etching press.

Please contact us.


A method of making works using pulp, which is a raw material for paper, and kouzo, which is a raw material for Japanese paper.

We making works by pouring  "kouzo"or pulp  which is a raw material of paper, into molds.

Pulp, "kouzo" is dyed and used as a drawing material like paints and ink. It is an expression drawn not only on paper but also with paper.

I also produce works printed on hand-made paper works produced in this way.

Creation works

There are many ways to use studio.

Do what you want and do what you want to do.


If you have any questions, please email us.

Also, you may come to the workshop for consultation.

Please contact us in advance as it may be absent


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