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/ Silk screen printing /

Vacuum screen print made by Svetia (Sweden) (1300 x 1000 m / m)

Contact frame (Photoengraving frame) 1650x1370m / m

ORC 2KW jet light

1.2 KW BOX type DEIER (1680 X 680 X 1230 m / m <dry storage size>)

80-stage dry rack (900 x 650 m / m 1 machine) x 2

Compressor type water washing machine

Seiko advan ink and others



/ Intaglio /

Etching press 530X1010X25m / m

Aquatint box

Plate warmer


/ Pulp artwork /

Paper mold


Uses silk screen equipment such as drying racks and presses


※ Pulp, "kouzo" can be purchased.

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