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Here, you can mainly create silk screen printing, intaglio and papermaking.

The facilities of silk screen printing and intaglio in this studio have been used by the printer  I have studied under.

 He has created many artists' works for many years in a studio in Osaka.

When he died, with the help of many people, I took over his studio equipment.

And now I set up  “ Printmaking studio PRESSCLUB ”in Kyoto.

I have been working as an artist and illustrator for many years.

Currently I have learned papermaking that I have been interested in for a long time, 

and I also create works with silk screen and intaglio and papaermaking.

I am not a printer, but I would like to provide the creator with the knowledge and experience and the facilities in the studio that I inherited from him.


The studio's name” Printmaking studio-PRESS CLUB " was invented by the printer I studied.

The word "Press" means prints, meaning to express yourself, and meaning to love "Club".

"I think there are many ways to do it, as long as you have the will to make it."

It is the word of the printer that I studied. I think so, too.

Please use this studio for what you want to make.

Please let me know what you want to do in this studio.

The basic settings are listed below,but we will tell you the fee and details needed for your work..




About use

▶It depends on what you want to produce, so we will propose a quotation in advance.

   Please feel free to contact us.

▶Hours :


▶Contact :

▶Note : 

   I hope you will excuse me for my poor English skills. 

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