About me 

We have been active as a sister unit "mocchi mocchi" for over 10 years, producing and selling works with silk screen prints and illustrators.

Currently, as an individual, I am creating and working on a mix of papermaking and silkscreen and copperplate printing.


I make handmade paper art work.

I make works mixed by intaglio, silk screen and so on.

I feel beauty in expressing the texture mix such as paper texture and prints.

In addition, I also intarested in point that not only drawing on paper but also drawing with paper. I feel freed from the concepts established by creating my work.


mocchi mocchi.jpg

I learned silkscreen prints from printer Imaizumi and we have been active as a sister unit, "mocchi mocchi".

The technique that uses silkscreen and lithograph-like delicate film and tusche is a technique unique to Imaizumi, which is also a feature of our work.